Open Positions

We are always happy to consider applications for internships, PhD and Postdoc positions.

Interested candidates should have a strong background in Physics, Math and Statistics and interested to work on interdisciplinary applications in Machine Learning, Probability and Computer Science.

To apply, please send your CV, list of 2-3 references, transcript of records and covering letter via email.


I study large interacting systems following two main research directions to tackle the problem under different angles.

Inference on networks
Complex interacting systems are often represented by large datasets containing a considerable amount of information. The question is how to capture the relavant macroscopic behavior by retaining only a small amount of information. This can be formalized as an inference problem where we want to extract a set of model parameters capable of describing the observed system and making future predictions.
In particular, I am interested in analyzing systems where elements interact in multiple ways, as in multilayer networks, and systems displaying hidden hierarchies that might play a role in determining the interaction patterns that we observe.

Routing Optimization on networks
Optimizing traffic on a network is a relevant problem in situations where traffic congestion has a big impact on transmission performance. This can be formalized as a computationally-hard constrained optimization problem where interactions are non-local and a global optimization is required.
I investigate this problem by adopting approaches that combine insights from statistical physics and a methodologies developed in optimal transport theory.


Curriculum Vitae

Caterina De Bacco is a Cyber Valley Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen, Germany.

Research approach:

  • developing models to characterize interacting systems using ideas and methods from statistical physics and probabilistic modeling
  • and enjoying collaborations with domain experts from different disciplines.

Research experience

  • Cyber Valley Research Group Leader, 2018

    Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems

  • Postdoc at Data Science Institute, 2018

    Columbia University

  • Program Postdoc, 2017

    Santa Fe Institute


  • PhD in Statistical Physics, 2015

    Universitè Paris Sud 11

  • MSc in Theoretical Physics, 2012

    Università di Padova

  • BSc in Physics, 2010

    Università di Padova