Optimal transport with constraints: from mirror descent to classical mechanics


Finding optimal trajectories for multiple traffic demands in a congested network is a challenging task. Optimal transport theory is a principled approach that has been used successfully to study various transportation problems. Its usage is limited by the lack of principled and flexible ways to incorporate realistic constraints. We propose a principled physics-based approach to impose constraints flexibly in such optimal transport problems. Constraints are included in mirror descent dynamics using the principle of D’Alembert-Lagrange from classical mechanics. This leads to a sparse, local and linear approximation of the feasible set leading in many cases to closed-form updates.

Abdullahi Adinoyi Ibrahim
Abdullahi Adinoyi Ibrahim
PhD student

My research focuses on solving routing problem for transportation.

Caterina De Bacco
Caterina De Bacco
CyberValley Research Group Leader

My research focuses on understanding, optimizing and predicting relations between the microscopic and macroscopic properties of complex large-scale interacting systems.